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Has anyone gotten the Google Closure Linter (gjslint) to work with Sublime Text 2 for Windows?

When I run it I get the following (via Tools menu or CTRL+SHIFT+J):

The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.

closure linter: ignored 0 errors.

My steps were as follows:

Out of the box, none of the features worked. However if I hard-code the path in the Default Settings I can get the fixjsstyle plugin to work:

    // Path to the gjslint.
    "gjslint_path": "/python27/scripts/gjslint",

    // Path to the fixjsstyle.
    "fixjsstyle_path": "/python27/scripts/fixjsstyle"

Can confirm they both exist:

C:\>dir c:\python27\scripts
 Volume in drive C is OSDisk
 Volume Serial Number is 36E3-7433

 Directory of c:\python27\scripts

06/29/2012  09:48 AM               304
06/29/2012  09:48 AM             7,168 fixjsstyle.exe
06/29/2012  09:48 AM               525 fixjsstyle.exe.manifest
06/29/2012  09:48 AM               298
06/29/2012  09:48 AM             7,168 gjslint.exe
06/29/2012  09:48 AM               522 gjslint.exe.manifest
              17 File(s)         34,580 bytes
               2 Dir(s)  186,377,805,824 bytes free

It certainly sounds like a reference problem, I even tried copying the executables to the plugin directory, that didn't work either.

Edit: I should add that I did turn on the debug: true flag and nothing came up.

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I had the same issue on Windows 7. The only way i found to fix it was to remove the double quotes around the gjslint call

line 34 of inside the sublime package

original (not working):

cmd = '"' + s.get('gjslint_path', 'jslint') + '" ' + s.get('gjslint_flags', '') + ' "' + file_path + '"'

working :

cmd = '' + s.get('gjslint_path', 'jslint') + ' ' + s.get('gjslint_flags', '') + ' "' + file_path + '"'

Please make sure your gjslint path has not any spaces to make this work as it's the case for you.

If somebody has another solution, please share.

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Worked for me. Windows 7 too. – Glenn May 10 '13 at 3:24
Thanks! Typed that in and bingo. Not a python expert so super thanks! – Ben_Coding Jun 25 '13 at 15:01

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