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How do I copy a image component, from one publication to the other using api's in 2009?

Is this possible? I tried using

    newComponent.Multimedia.SetUploadedMultimediaFilename(originalComponent.Multimedia.Filename);; where my newComponent is the one that I am creating from the original component.

    <tcm:Error xmlns:tcm=""                                                         ErrorCode="80040325" Category="3" Source="Kernel" Severity="2">
    - <tcm:Line ErrorCode="80040325" Cause="false" MessageID="16137">
    - <![CDATA[ Unable to save Component (tcm:0-0-0).
    - <tcm:Line ErrorCode="80040325" Cause="true" MessageID="16010">
    - <![CDATA[ Operation is not supported on a new item (or on a null URI).
    - <tcm:Details>
    - <tcm:CallStack>
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That won't work... you'll need to first save the multimedia item to a file location, then use this location to upload it from. All you're doing now is telling Tridion that there is a file at originalComponent.Multimedia.Filename which may or may not be true.


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Thanks Nuno. You are right. I checked the path and it points to the original uploaded file path. So I guess I have to save the binary to file system and then upload it. –  user1373140 Jun 29 '12 at 15:33

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