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In our cube, we have hierarchies with All as the default member at the top level, so All then shows up in the parameter list in a SSRS report.

Since it is redundant to have both All and (select all) in the parameter list when the parameter is a multi-value parameter, we want to get rid of the option to see All in the parameter list. This we've accomplished by setting a filter in the auto-generated dataset for the parameter (ParameterLevel <> 0).

The trouble starts when we introduced cascading parameters.... it seems like when a user selects all of the parameters in the top parameter, the next parameter tries to default to All and so hitting the CONSTRAINED error:

The restrictions imposed by the CONSTRAINED flag in the STRTOSET function were violated.

Any ideas on how to get around this problem?

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It turns out it wasn't because of the second parameter defaulting to All... the error seems to show up when Unknown (auto-generated by BIDS) was selected. Not sure why this is causing the STRTOSET error though...

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