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I have a medium high CPU EC2 instance setup. How do I know what volumes the devices listed in /proc/partitions map to? If I cat /proc/partitions I get the following:

# cat /proc/partitions
major minor  #blocks  name

202       65    6291456 xvde1
202      144  356485632 xvdj
202       67     917504 xvde3
202      176   10485760 xvdl

I am pretty sure the first one is the root volume. I also created a second volume for log files, etc. I know that volume is 10GB so I am pretty sure that is xvdl.

I have no idea what xvdj is. It looks like its 356 GB!? Is that available for me to use? How do I know what it is and how do I use it?

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If you type mount you'll see a list of all the filesystems and their devices. If no file system is present on a particular device, you can try using it for other purposes. I've found in the past that I was able to put a file system on one of these unused partitions and use it within the instance.

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It definitely wasn't mounted to anything. I am just curious why its there. I don't want to use it for anything important if I don't even know what it is. –  Jeff Jul 1 '12 at 13:22
I don't know why it's there and not used. I can tell you however that I've used it in the same way as the other local partitions with the same reliability etc. –  Lars Kotthoff Jul 1 '12 at 14:11

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