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I have found the problem of why it doesn't see the changes I changed the object that is bound with modelbinder. In that case it is not tracked by the context.


I have a problem with virtual ICollections in my application. Is it correct that EF automatically saves changes u make to entities?**

For example if i add an item to a list (add player to a team) it will work without using a repository and dbset to save it it the database?

I have something like this

    public int RayonId { get; set; }
    public String Rayonnaam { get; set; }
    public virtual ICollection<Duivenmelker> Duivenmelkers { get; set; }

    public Rayon()
           Duivenmelkers = new List<Duivenmelker>();


    public void AddMelker(Duivenmelker m)


The above code changes the List only locally. But doesn't save changes to the database.I can call a repository to add a new object directly to the database, but that's not the good way i think.

What could possibly be wrong that causes this not to work?**

savechanges return 0 (thinks no changes are made)

I have now added

            c.Entry(v).State = EntityState.Added;

This apparently works, still i don't know why the EF doesn't see the changes without explicitly telling him

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If you have found the problem and a solution for this question please write it as an answer and accept your own answer. "Now a new question..." should really be a new question. –  Slauma Jun 30 '12 at 13:20

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Don't use the bound object from your modelbinder, instead search for the object attached to the context and make the changes there. (Bound object isn't tracked by the EntityChangetracker)

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You need to call SaveChanges()

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I have tried this in controller aswell as the class itself. context.saveChanges() etc. It doesn't add to my database. I use objectcontextperhttprequest so it is not possible that i call this savechanges on the wrong context right? It doesn't give any errors, when i call entry.state on the object i get (IEntitychangetracker problem) –  Jonas Bohez Jun 29 '12 at 15:43

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