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I have a mysql table of IPA pronunciation syllables, and I'd like to have case sensitivity on a unique key, a varchar containing lots of characters with accent marks. I'd also like characters with different accents to be treated as unequal.

I checked out, and while I think it would solve my uniqueness issues, I'd prefer not to have strange ordering caused by utf8_bin.

I only need to programmatically access the db through java via hibernate, so I was thinking I could change the unique key to be a unique key on the syllable varchar and an integer (the java.lang.String or some custom hash of the string), but this leaves a tiny possibility of collisions.

I'd be willing to work on creating my own custom collation for this use case if it's not too much work. What would be a good alternative to utf8_bin collation? Any guidance is appreciated.

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You can choose a collation on a per-query, per-clause basis, the collation chosen when creating the table is simply the default. So you can use the bin collation for comparison and another one for ordering.

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another source with same technique –  khaled_webdev Jun 29 '12 at 15:52

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