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I'm facing troubles with APEX again! I create users for my application manually inside the application. I have a process lock_user, which is executed when a button is clicked and it should lock the user so he can not login to the application anymore. It seems to work, because in the 'Manage Users and Groups'-section the user is locked. Anyway, the user still CAN login to my application. I'm using the default login page.

Thats the code of my process:


SET Status_id = '0'
WHERE user_id = :P45_user_ID;

APEX_UTIL.LOCK_ACCOUNT(p_user_name => upper(:P45_USERNAME));

What could've went wrong? Any solutions, tips or hints are appreciated!

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The solution was to enable the "Account Expiration and Locking" setting (in Administration -> Manage Service -> Set Workspace Preferences (visible to workspace admins)). There is also a "Require User Account Expiration and Locking" setting that is only availale to instance admins. (Manage Instance -> Security -> Workspace Login Control)

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What kind of authentication are you using in your application? I would think that the locked accounts only work when using the built in Apex authentication.

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