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When I have input element on the page, my page is zoomed in when loaded on iPod, as if the input was tabbed. When I switch the page from portrait to landscape, the page further zooms in; and the zoom effect stays when I switch back to portrait. So if I keep rotating the iPod back and forth, it will keep zooming until it reaches a certain size.

If I don't have any input element on the page, the page is loaded with the right size, and won't zoom from orientation change.


Anyone have an idea how to fix this without using viewport, since I don't want to disable zooming or userzoom?

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Specify the font-size:

textarea {

The answer to this exists already: Disable Auto Zoom in Input "Text" tag - Safari on iPhone

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I saved the page as an icon when it's zoomed in. Every time I open the page from the icon the auto zoom happens. But if i load the page from url it doesn't auto zoom on orientation change. – olive m Feb 1 '13 at 17:12

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