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I have started the wso2 server with ./ , but there is no script to stop the server ?

Can anybody tell the command to stop the server ?

Thanks Suresh

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I mean I need a command promt command for shutting down wso2 – user1372821 Jun 29 '12 at 16:16
give me the source of this script and il tell you, otherwise this is way tomuch hassle – K1773R Jun 29 '12 at 18:50

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To stop the server,

  • If you have started the server using ./ then you can stop the server by pressing Ctrl+C in the command window
  • If you have started using ./ --start then stop using ./ --stop
  • If you have started using ./ start use ./ stop
  • clicking the Shutdown/Restart link in the navigation pane in the Management Console works well for all..
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This is an old thread... but I since I arrived here with the same question, I may as well post the answer I found for future users.

Another way to shut down the wso2 server is through the online admin console. Once the server is running, simply navigate in your browser to


Log into the server's admin page using the default username and password, "admin" for both. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and select "shutdown/restart" and select "graceful shutdown" from the menu.

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Generally, pressing CTRL + C in the terminal you started the server would do.

If it's not possible for you, then do the following.

Enter the command ps ax | grep wso2esb

This will list the set of processes started that has the text wso2esb. Unless you opened several esb instances, there will be one process that would like the following [1]. There, the first number refers to the process id.

So, enter following command to gracefully shutdown the esb.

kill <process-id>

You may force the shutdown by sending signal kill (-9) like follows if you need to.

kill -9 <process-id>

As you may have noticed, the kill command is a native program that comes with most linux distros, not a wso2 provided one.

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./ --stop or ./ stop

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If you have started the server using ./ then you can stop the server by pressing Ctrl and c keys together on the console, it will simply kill the server.

If you have started using ./ --start or ./ start then you can kill the server using the commands ./ --stop or ./ stop.

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