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it seems JTable can only allow checkbox. how can i put a radio group into a cell on the JTable?

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That is very easy: if you need one radio button per row, see the example java2s.com/Code/Java/Swing-Components/…. If you need to render a group of radio buttons in once cell - that is tricky: you need to return a JPanel as a renderer (as here mail-archive.com/advanced-swing@eos.dk/msg00249.html), what concerns editor I am not sure :) Try using combobox instead of radio button group. – dma_k Feb 8 '10 at 19:23

your question is quite short, so i could have misinterpreted, but anyway A Boolean is by default registered with the jtable to be rendered/edited by a checkbox.

Depending on the cells'datatype the renderer/editor are retrieved when painting the cells. you could base a editor/renderer on a JPanel containing two radiobuttons which are grouped using a ButtonGroup. Depending on what data you want to store in the datamodel, you have various choices. if for example your datamodel contains ints, then your new editor/renderer should be able to work with that.

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