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I have users that have authenticated with a social media site. Now based on their last X (let's say 200) posts, I want to map how much that content matches up with a finite list of keywords.

What would be the best way to do this to capture associated words/concepts (maybe that's too difficult) or just get a score of how much, say, my tweet history maps to 'Walrus' or 'banana'?

Would a naive Bayes work here to separate into 'matches' and 'no match'?

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In Python I would say NLTK can easily do it. In Ruby maybe gem called lda-ruby will help you. Whole LDA concept is well explained here - look at Sarah Palin's email for example. There's even the example of an app (not entirely in Ruby, but still) which did that -> github.com/echen/sarah-palin-lda

Or maybe I just say stupid things and that can't help you at all. I'm not an expert ;)

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A simple bayes would work in this case, it is highly used to detect if emails are spam or not so for a simple keyword matching it should work pretty well.

For this problem you could also apply a recommendation system where you look for the top recommended keyword for a user (or for a post).

There are a ton of ways for doing this. I would recommend you to read Programming Collective Intelligence. It is explained using python but since you know ruby there should be not problem to understand the code.

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