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I need to do the same thing from this post Pop Images like Google Images But i need to add as same as google image search ie the on hover the image title need to be displayed . I am from java and new to jquery so please help me http://jsfiddle.net/roXon/HmTrw/

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Just after the line ibox.html(''); (around line 20 in the JS) add this line:

jQuery('<div />').text(this.title).appendTo(ibox);

You will also want to add some CSS.

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In my case I needed more than attribute title, my images structure is as next:

<ul class="thumbnails">
        <div class="thumbnail">
             <img src="/images/200X150.gif" alt="200X150" />
             <div class="caption" style="display:none">
                  HTML Goes here

you'll need to update plugin ibox after:

el.mouseenter(function() {

add this:

$('#ibox').append('<div class="ibox-caption">'+$(this).siblings('.caption').html()+'</div>');

and the css for .ibox-caption should have the same image width:

.ibox-caption {
    width: 200px;
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