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I tried to make admin panel and I am using sessions , but have problem, session does not work,


Header("Location: protected.php");


if (!isset($_SESSION['login'])) { 
  echo "Not work";
  echo "Work";

I do not know what the problem is, because in index.php I register session, but in protected.php this session is not set.

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Don't use session_register(). It was removed in PHP 5.4.0. In index.php, add session_start(); to the top and replace your register call with $_SESSION['login'] = 'val';

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what is different between $_SESSION['login'] and $_SESSION["login"] ? –  Mr. Tomas Jun 29 '12 at 18:01
None, in your case. Using single quotes means that PHP won't parse variables within the text, so you can do something like 'hi $foo' and it will remain literally that. With double quotes, "hi $foo" will become hi followed by the value of $foo. There's more to it than that, see the manual for more detail. –  Lusitanian Jun 29 '12 at 18:03

session_register() is deprecated, read here for more information:


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The usage of session_register() is deprecated as of 5.3.0, and has not been recommended since 4.1.0.

Instead, create the session variable using $_SESSION[] in the same format that you reference it:

$_SESSION['login'] = $r["login"];

Utilizing this approach removes the need to initialize the $login variable as the login value from your result set is set directly to the session variable.

<?php // Use of session_register() is deprecated 
$barney = "A big purple dinosaur."; session_register("barney");

// Use of $_SESSION is preferred, as of PHP 4.1.0 
$_SESSION["zim"] = "An invader from another planet.";

// The old way was to use $HTTP_SESSION_VARS 
$HTTP_SESSION_VARS["spongebob"] = "He's got square pants."; ?>

In addition, it is recommended that mysql_fetch_array not be used and instead, MySQLi or PDO_MySQL extensions should be utilized.

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