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I want to embed complete outlook inside c# window form... and access it from there..and then take screen shots of opened mail...

please help me out....till now i am sending mail from c# using outlook by the following code

utLook.Application oApp = new outLook.Application();

         outLook.MailItem email = (outLook.MailItem)(oApp.CreateItem(outLook.OlItemType.olMailItem));
         email.Subject = "Subject";
         email.Body = "Message";

thanks in advance...

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Possible duplicate of stackoverflow.com/questions/1755001 –  jp2code Jun 29 '12 at 18:39
this is completely different .. not duplicate –  user1491927 Dec 1 at 7:53

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It has been a long time to search the answer of it.. But ultimately i did it by my own ...

I used Process Class to Open Outlook from C# application ..

When Outlook starts i wrote a macro which runs everytime a new mail has arrived or is open.

Which is then followed by Taking Screen shot of it ...

Hope this helps...

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