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If I have the HTML below:

<div style="display:none;">
    <span id="hello">Hey</span>

And I do alert($("#hello").css("display"));, it will say "inline". The span is clearly not visible, but since it doesn't directly have a display:none; property on it, it still says it's viewable.

How do I test whether a certain DOM element is actually visible or not, even if its parent or a parent of its parent is not displaying?

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You can use:

if ($('#myitem').is(':visible')){

/*Do some sort of stuff in here */


Items still animating (like using .hide or .fadeOut) will be "visible" until the animation is complete

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You can use the :visible selector, and the is method:

if($("#hello").is(":visible")) {
    //It's visible!

The is method returns a boolean value indicating whether or not any of the matched elements match that selector.

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Use $(selector).is(':visible')

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use the .is() function along with the :hidden or :visible psuedoselectors:


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