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I have a mysql database in which there is about hundreds of category for photo album. When i display the album using

"SELECT * FROM 'album' `status`='1' ORDER BY `cat_name` DESC LIMIT 10"

so it will display the last 10 categories but if i want to display only 15 categories in between from that hundreds of category what the query should be? i have try this.

"SELECT * FROM 'album' `status`='1' and `cat_id`='2' || `cat_id`='7' || `cat_id`='8' || `cat_id`='14' || `cat_id`='20' ORDER BY `cat_name` DESC LIMIT 10"

here its displaying that category which i want to display but it displaying that inactivate category also which i do not show here by using status='1' (inactive status=0) can any body help me with this

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You have to put the WHERE keyword before your conditions.

Also, instead of all of those ORs or ||s, use IN.

FROM album
WHERE status = 1 AND cat_id IN (2,7,8,14,20)
ORDER BY cat_name DESC
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Thanks for solution zane its get worked. both your and holger solution :) –  Harish Kumar Jun 30 '12 at 4:07

You need to put parenthesis () around your 'cat_id' or conditions. The 'status'='1' AND is only applying to 'cat_id'=2' but not the other 'cat_id' since conditions are read from left to right.

"SELECT * FROM 'album' WHERE `status`='1' and (`cat_id`='2' || `cat_id`='7' || `cat_id`='8' || `cat_id`='14' || `cat_id`='20') ORDER BY `cat_name` DESC LIMIT 10"
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thanks man your solution also get worked –  Harish Kumar Jun 30 '12 at 4:07

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