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I feel like I am missing something fundamental.


Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 (might be tru on other Andoid devices - not sure) Dolphin or built-in 'default' browser Any block element styled with overflow: auto or overflow-y auto, to get a vertical scrollbar causes that div to act like it isn't even in the event tree when a child is clicked.

For example. I have something like this:

<div id="a">

If ul is styled to have overflow:auto then clicking on 'one' or 'two' fires the event on #a - it's as if the ul/li's aren't even there. In portrait mode all is well. I can literally tilt the tablet 90 degrees to make it work, make it fail, etc.

I still need to simplify this in fiddler but you can see the effect by going here:

Since it is both browsers it must be my problem!?!

Any ideas?

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This appears to be a variation on this problem.

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I'm experiencing the same issue on a Samsung Galaxy Tab (GT P52200, Android 4.2.2). Elements within a scrolling container (overflow: auto) with content high enough to actually scroll don't receive any pointer events.

Do anyone have a solution for this?

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Not really a solution, but packaging your own browser IN the app would solve a lot of the fragmentation projects on Android. One way to do this is with Crosswalk: – Laust Deleuran Feb 27 at 12:10

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