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I already connected a google form to a fusion table as per those instructions https://kh-samples.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/code/instructions.html

When the user fills up the form a new row in the fusion table is inserted.

However, I am presenting the user with one question with checkbox - If multiple checkboxes are selected, for each option, i want to insert a separate row.


  • Name ( text )
  • Field of interest (check box): IT, Art, History, etc

in the fusion table, i am getting

  • my name - IT, History

I want to get:

  • my name - IT
  • my name - History

It is mostly due to the needs to represent stuff in a network.

i really really really appreciate the feedback/help


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You should be able to achieve this by modifying the script you are using. If you look at the onFormSubmit function, this is what creates one row from the submitted data. You could modify the script to generate multiple rows, according to how many comma-separated items are in your lists.

A quick example mockup: (I have assumed a column name of 'interest')

function onFormSubmit(e) {
  // The values entered into the form, mapped by question.
  var interests = e.nameValues['interest'].split(',');
  for (i in interests)
    var formValues = e.namedValues;
    formValues['interest'] = interests[i];

    // Insert the data into the Fusion Table.
    var rowId = createRecord(formValues);
    if (!rowId) {
      rowId = -1;
    insertRowId(rowId, row);
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