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Assume the following (I'm using MySQL)

@PersistenceCapable(identityType = IdentityType.APPLICATION, detachable = "true")
public class TclRequest2 {
    @Persistent(valueStrategy = IdGeneratorStrategy.IDENTITY)
    private long id;

    @Persistent(column = "userid")
    @Column(jdbcType = "INTEGER", length = 11, allowsNull = "false", defaultValue = "1")
    private Member member; // This object table is in another schema
    // Getters and setters

The field member is persisted in another schema. I could solve this by specifying the "catalog" attribute in the Member class's @PersitentCapable annotation but that would kill the flexibility of specifying the schema name in the properties file I'm using since I'm configuring jdo in a properties file.

Thank you.

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