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I am using Dojo 1.7 with an IE9 browser. I am trying to dynamically generate multiple DataGrids and append them to content inside a div. I am using the autoHeight property of the grid.

This works out fine in Chrome or Firefox. However, the grids are not displayed on IE until I set the height to a fixed amount.

How can I make autoHeight work in IE? I suspect its something to do with how IE9 treats height semantics.

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I've been dealing with this same issue until a few minutes ago: I am creating dynamic grids depending on how many items I have in a list and every grid is shown with autoHeight. The problem is nothing to do with Grids or its height.

I am not sure but IE interpret layers in a different way than other browsers, so you have to add them in a concrete way. Try to add the grid first to your DOM node (I mean a node that you also create dynamically over which you will append the grid), then add in last place this grid container to your HTML. It is working correctly for me.

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I also faced the same issue. I tried to find an alternate.

I followed this way and its working.

Add following property to

onShow: function(){if(grid)grid.setStore(store);}

And call grid.onShow();

  var grid= new dojox.grid.DataGrid({
    store : store,
    query : {
      sno : "*"
    structure : columns,
    selectionMode : "Multiple",
    onShow: function(){if(grid)grid.setStore(store);}

// This will fire the onShow event on grid.
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On IE, I had to ensure that I called startup on the dynamically added grid. e.g. if you add the grid in postCreate, try this:

startup: function() {
    if (this.grid) this.grid.startup();

The grid can be fussy. Even doing this, I still have height issues on IE (IE9) with autoHeight. If I set an updated store after the fact, the height goes to 0.

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