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I have built a schema, an orchestration with a receive port that receives messages of that type, and passes the message to a business rule. The business rule policy updates an element in the message with a true or false based on the rule. I have a scope shape with a call rule shape inside it. The call rule shape passes the message to the rule, and then I have a send shape which sends the message to a send port. I've tested the rule policy and it works fine, but when I drop a file, the orchestration processes it and output a file which should have an updated value from the rule policy, however the output file is always the same as the input file. I know messages are immutable, so how shoudl I be getting a value out of the BR, and constructing a new message with it?

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The Call Rules shape will construct the new message, so it sounds like your rule may not be firing. Have you enabled tracking on the policy? See link for instructions:


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Make sure you enable debugging per instructions above so you can find out what rules and code is executing properly. 9 times out of 10, the rule is not firing due to criteria not being met. –  Bryan Corazza Jul 15 '12 at 17:02

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