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I am trying to install Mantis on my server. Problem is that I can't seem to get pass the Pre-Installation Check step. I click on "Install/Upgrade Database", and displays all "GOOD". Then it says: Database Creation Suppressed, SQL Queries follow << here it prints a lot of sql queries, mainly create and alter tables >>. When I say this the first time, I went to MySQL Workbench, (the database bugtracker was already created), and ran the script given. Thereby, creating all the needed tables.

Then it says:

Your database has not been created yet. Please create the database, then install the tables and data using the information above before proceeding.

It checks a few more things (all with result "GOOD") and finally it displays this message:

Install was successful.
Continue to log into Mantis

The previous word "Continue" appears as a hyperlink leading to login_page.php. When I click it, it leads right back to this pre installation check page.

The thing is, the database is created! And the first time I encountered the sql queries I ran them, so the tables are indeed created.

Attempting to connect to database as admin  GOOD
Attempting to connect to database as user   GOOD
Checking Database Server Version 
Running mysql version 5.5.25

My PHP version is 5.3.14. The Mantis version i'm trying to install is 1.2.11.

Any ideas as in what it is I am doing wrong? Or any other piece of information I could provide?

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I realize now that this is not the best place for this question. Nonetheless, in case someone else happens tu stumble across this, I wanted to let know the only workaround I could find was installing another Mantis version: 1.1.1. Very old, but it worked!

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