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I'm trying to utilize 3 instances of Anything Slider on one page, but I'm having problems styling each slider differently from the other.

The sliders have id's: slider1, slider2, and slider3

So when I try to style a section of slider2 differently, like:

#slider2 .anythingSlider-default.activeSlider .anythingWindow {}

it doesn't work. Any ideas on how to achieve this? Thanks in advance for the time and help.

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Hopefully I answered your question sufficiently over in the csstricks forums. Here is it again for completeness:

Current versions of AnythingSlider have a theme option which allows you to change the style for each slider on a page. Then for the css, just add that theme name to the outer wrapper:

.anythingSlider-theme1 {}
.anythingSlider-theme1.activeSlider {}
.anythingSlider-theme1.activeSlider .anythingWindow {}
.anythingSlider-theme2 {}
.anythingSlider-theme2.activeSlider {}


You can't target the #slider2 ID because it is inside of .anythingWindow

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