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In Perl, how do I convert multiple decimal numbers in a line of a file to their hexadecimal equivalents?

I have code which will convert the last number found but leaves the prior numbers unconverted, I want to convert all the numbers not just the last one found:

if ($line =~ /[0-9]+/) {
   $loc = index($line,/\s+[0-9]+\s*/);
   $mybyte = substr($line,$loc);
   $newbyte = sprintf("%x\n", $mybyte);
   $newline = substr($line,0,$loc).$newbyte;
   print my_report $newline;
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Note that perl's index is a substring search, not a regular expression match. –  ysth Jun 30 '12 at 1:37

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$line =~ s/([0-9]+)/sprintf "%X", $1/eg;
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