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I can't seem to get any recognition between the iPad and the Mac Mini. I'm using the white USB cable that came with the iPad to connect them. Tried rebooting ad nauseum. It's like two inert bodies, no indication on either side that the two are connected. No lights, sounds or animations. All the tutorials say is just connect them, and don't mention about what to do if this elementary step fails. I saw some similar questions on other forums, but distressingly, they go unanswered. Any help would be appreciated! Yimin

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Have you checked to see if iTunes recognizes your iPad? – WrightsCS Jun 30 '12 at 0:39
Have you tried a different cable and/or a different port? – Nathan Runge Jun 30 '12 at 0:39
If you're plugging the cord directly into the ipad and directly into a USB port on your computer (no middle-man devices in the process) then it sounds like the cord just doesn't work. Try taking it to an Apple store and getting them to swap it for you. – WendiKidd Jun 30 '12 at 0:39
@WrightsCS - How do I do that? (i.e. check if iTunes recognizes the iPad) – Yimin Rong Jun 30 '12 at 0:54
@WendiKidd - The cable still works to charge the device, but I can bring it back to see if maybe it's not working. – Yimin Rong Jun 30 '12 at 0:57
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The device needs to be set up in iTunes first. This step is appears to be omitted from many tutorials or perhaps it is a new feature and the tutorials are out of date.

In any case, it would be helpful if there were some kind of visual confirmation when a new device is connected and maybe a suggestion on what to do next.

On the other hand, setting up the provisioning profile in Xcode seems to be greatly simplified now. No need to copy the ID, run the key generator, etc.

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In Xcode, you need to go to Organizer Shift+Command+2. On the left sidebar, choose the iPad you want to use for development, for example:

enter image description here

Alternatively, you can try and kill iTunes Helper in from Activity Monitor and then relaunch iTunes.

If all else fails, try another USB port or try another USB cable.

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I see the Mac Mini itself (?) and "Provisioning Profiles". Doesn't look anything like what you have. – Yimin Rong Jun 30 '12 at 0:53
That screenshot was old, I've updated with a current one. So try killing iTunes Helper (and restart iTunes), If that does nothing for you, then try a new USB cable. If THAT fails, then I would assume the USB port is malfunctioning. – WrightsCS Jun 30 '12 at 0:57
Worked for me! Thank you! – Dean Leitersdorf Jul 17 '14 at 2:45

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