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I have two matrices. I would like to apply a paired t test column by column and print the t-value, degrees of freedom, confidence interval and p value for each column. I started with the code below.

D1 and D2 are two matrices:

for (j in 1:n){

Also, how can I print the each result from this loop?

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Does wrapping the call to t.test in print get you what you want? – Jason Morgan Jun 30 '12 at 2:12

Here's how I'd approach the problem:

#Make some random data
m1 <- matrix(rnorm(100), ncol = 5)
m2 <- matrix(rnorm(100), ncol = 5)

#Define a function to run your t.test, grab the relevant stats, and put them in a data.frame
f <- function(x,y){
  test <- t.test(x,y, paired=TRUE)
  out <- data.frame(stat = test$statistic,
                    df   = test$parameter,
                    pval = test$p.value,
                    conl = test$[1],
                    conh = test$[2]

#iterate over your columns via sapply
sapply(seq(ncol(m1)), function(x) f(m1[,x], m2[,x]))
     [,1]       [,2]       [,3]       [,4]       [,5]      
stat -0.7317108 1.73474    -0.0658436 0.6252509  -0.6161323
df   19         19         19         19         19        
pval 0.4732743  0.09898052 0.9481902  0.5392442  0.5451188 
conl -1.097654  -0.1259523 -0.7284456 -0.5680937 -0.7523431
conh 0.5289878  1.345625   0.6840117  1.052094   0.4101385

You may want to transpose the output since it is column major ordered.

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