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What is the right way to handle exceptions coming from the model in Sequel? Particularly the thing I'm running into is when the unique constraint is applied to the login. The exception in this case appears to be coming from SQLite itself instead of Sequel which means it's not getting handled by "errors".

This is the error I'm getting after trying to create a user with a "non-unique" login:

Sequel::DatabaseError at /user/create
SQLite3::ConstraintException: column login is not unique
file: database.rb location: close line: 97

Here is my abbreviated code:

require 'sinatra'
require 'sequel'

DB.create_table :users do
  primary_key :id
  String :login, :key => true, :length => (3..40), :required => true, :unique => true
  String :hashed_password, :required => true
  String :salt
  DateTime :created_at, :default => DateTime.now

class User < Sequel::Model
  # password authentication code

get '/user/create' do
  slim :user_create

post '/user/create' do
  user = User.new
  user.login = params['login']
  user.password = params['password']
  if user.save
    'User created'
    tmp = []
    user.errors.each do |e|
      tmp << (e.join('<br/>'))
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You probably want to use the validation_helpers plugin and use validates_unique :login inside the validate method.

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Ah, thanks, I missed that in the docs –  Josh Voigts Jun 30 '12 at 21:34

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