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Would it be possible to lift Rails' migrations and stick it straight into a PHP app (and run it with the rake command, etc)?

I've been looking into PHP equivalents, but I haven't been completely satisfied with them, so I figured there should be a way to pull Rails' version and stick it somewhere in the file structure of my app.

Many thanks!

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You could certainly write a tiny little rails app that only had migrations in it - the migrations don't care what ends up using the tables they create. With a bit more work you should be able to craft something that only uses the activerecord and activesupport gem, without requiring a whole rails app.

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OK, so I did end up just taking a Rails app and stripping it down to its bare essential, required set for just the migration tool. It contains 14 directories, 14 files. I would definitely be interested in slimming it down further to, as you say, use only those two gems. Unfortunately I don't have the time, but I may in the future. Maybe I'll start a github for it or something so that someone else with time could do it and send a Pull Request... – Mr Mikkél Jun 30 '12 at 9:34

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