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I want to translate a paragraph containing a URL in a Django 1.3 application.

    First <a href="{% url edit-profile username=user.username %}">edit your profile</a>, please.

Depending on the language, the text surrounded by <a> tags will surely change. How can I allow translators to decide on the link placement? Wrapping the entire thing in a {% trans %} causes an error:

<p>{% trans "First <a href='{% url edit-profile username=user.username %}'>edit your profile</a>, please." %}</p>

The error thrown is TemplateSyntaxError: Searching for value. Unexpected end of string in column 64: trans "First <a href='{% url edit-profile username=user.username.

How should I go about doing this? Do I have to determine the URL in the view, then pass that URL as a string to the template? That seems like a really convoluted solution for what I would think is a very common problem.

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Use {% blocktrans %}. The Django translation docs include this example:

{% url arg arg2 as the_url %}
{% blocktrans %}
This is a URL: {{ the_url }}
{% endblocktrans %}
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difficult to manage :s – soField May 5 at 15:47

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