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I am new to Swing development and I am creating a Java application where a user can load text documents and tag parts of text.

The tagged parts of text would then be highlighted and the user can click on the tagged text to edit/remove the tag. Is there any library/class that I can use to achieve this.

I have already looked at JTextArea. But to best of my knowledge it can only display plain text (correct me if I am wrong)

To be more clear of what I am looking for:

When you tag a question on Stack Overflow (SO), the tags are highlighted with a little box and highlighting around the tag. I am looking something similar in Java.

So, if the component that I add is say X, then X should be able to hold plain text as well as tagged text. The tagged text should look like the SO tags.


An example for clarification.

Original Text:

This is some sample text.

After tagging, say sample, this is what it should look like:

With Tagged Text

enter image description here

That x is basically a button to remove all tags associated with sample.

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this can help you jeditorpane and jtextpane

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There's a working example here that sets color using StyledEditorKit.ForegroundAction. It also illustrates related classes in StyledEditorKit.


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My idea is, take a textfield,when we double clik on it set to editable then write tag and hit enter.. then update the tag, for highlighting use setBackground,setForeground with textfield

JTextField jt=new JTextField("tag");

set it as


add MouseListener to jt see this LINK mouse listener


write the code in mouseClicked event,if we double click it will set as editable state

public void mouseClicked(MouseEvent e) {
    int count=0;



then edit the tag...do rest of the code,i.e update TAG by hitting enter using key binding see this LINK

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Thanks but I am not concerned about the event handlers. I need some component that I can use for a complete document, for which JTextField is not a good option and also I do not need to tag the whole field/document, just parts of it (like the way you highlight in Word or Acrobat Reader – Ankit Jun 30 '12 at 5:01

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