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My MVC .net Solution has 2 projects:

  1. The actual web project

    This is all my models, views, controllers, attributes, etc. Some of the controllers reference my Reporting project, which includes local (e.g. non-server reports) reports that use SSRS and PDF generation.

  2. The Reporting Project

    This includes code that will connect to a database and generate the reports. The project also includes a folder that has a bunch of report templates. The report templates are "embedded resources". I have confirmed that they show up in the bin folder of the MVC app when I deploy.

The problem is, when I call the reporting code from within a controller, IIS looks for the report file relative to IIS. In the report code, I might say to look at "report/confirmation.rdlc". This works fine in a console app, however once I deploy with IIS, that path ends up being "C:/program files(x86)/iis express/reports/confirmation.rdlc", which does not exist.

I have also tried "~/report/confirmation.rdlc" to the same result.

I am assuming this means that the home folder (~) is in fact the IIS Express root. How can I change that for the app?

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Just try to use Server.MapPath("~/bin/reports/confirmation.rdlc") instead.

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