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I am using this code and Im getting the alert message: "Form save failed, please contact your administrator"

Im trying to understand the reason for the erro. I am not the one who created the code Im just trying it out for educational purpose:.

I ahve tested my database connection and its works well. I am also sure that the form fields are properly and completely filled out before I hit the submit button.

Can you enlighten me of possible reason.

here is the link to the form that I have uploaded in our site:

$("document").ready(function() {
    $("#personal_details").submit(function() {
        return false;

function processDetails() {
    var errors = '';

    // Validate name
    var name = $("#personal_details [name='name']").val();
    if (!name) {
        errors += ' - Please enter a name\n';
    // Validate age range
    var age_range = $("#personal_details [name='age_range']").val();
    if (!age_range) {
        errors += ' - Please select and age range\n';
    // Validate sports selection
    var sports = $("#personal_details [name='sports[]']:checked").length;
    if (!sports) {
        errors += ' - Please select your favourite sports\n';

    if (errors) {
        errors = 'The following errors occurred:\n' + errors;
        return false;
    } else {
        // Submit our form via Ajax and then reset the form
        return false;


function showResult(data) {
    if (data == 'save_failed') {
        alert('Form save failed, please contact your administrator');
        return false;
    } else {
        alert('Form save success');
        return false;
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What's in the logs? – stark Jun 30 '12 at 3:27

Hiya please do this remove spaces: can you flick jsfiddle hope you are sourcing right libraries.

I am lil hesistant to click on the external link

Anyhoo below should help ;)

 $("#personal_details [name='name']").val();
                     ^----------------------------Sapce here

Try this


Further Seems to be working here:

enter image description here

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Yes.. Im so sorry its a very blatant error on my side... I have forgotten to create a table in the mysql where the field form value will go into.. so many thanks for your replies... – ARGO Jun 30 '12 at 3:41
@ARGO ha ha ha ha ha :) no worries man, lol have a good one! been there done that! :P – Tats_innit Jun 30 '12 at 3:44

Its an error on the backeend. The result from the ajax call is save_failed which triggers if (data == 'save_failed') {

The reasons for why it failed on teh backend could be many.... and no way to determine, you would have to post the php code

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