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There is staging server with multiple .NET web applications deployed. Is there any way to monitor Code Coverage through some tool?

I am trying to expose code coverage to testing team. I know we can have automated unit test cases but in some cases manual test cases required to experiment.

Basically, I want to make sure all modified source files are covered with some scenarios on staging server before testing team sign off for deployment in production.

I am trying to make testers more aware about what is not covered.

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If you use nuNit tests , i would say use DotCover by JetBrains, NCover , or an open source version is part cover which isnt being added to new features anymore.

I use NCover and I like it, I also toyed with DotCover and its pretty good also.

Apparently NCover 4 has alot of new features where they even have an ide for testers so you can see code coverage and work towards establishing a good base of tests even if you arnt a developer.

Open Cover also has 32 and 64 bit support and is currently being worked on.

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However OpenCover is still being developed and has 32/64 bit support. – Shaun Wilde Jul 16 '12 at 23:02
Neat , ncover is still x86 right ? – Frank Visaggio Jul 17 '12 at 5:10
PartCover is 32-bit(x86) only, I believe the latest NCover handles both – Shaun Wilde Jul 17 '12 at 6:06

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