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I'm using spring security in my web application, and now I want to have a list of all users who are logged in my program.
How can I have access to that list? Aren't they already kept somewhere within spring framework? Like SecurityContextHolder or SecurityContextRepository?

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For accessing the list of all logged in users you need to inject SessionRegistry instance to your bean.

private SessionRegistry sessionRegistry;

And then using injcted SessionRegistry you can access the list of all principals:

List<Object> principals = sessionRegistry.getAllPrincipals();

List<String> usersNamesList = new ArrayList<String>();

for (Object principal: principals) {
    if (principal instanceof User) {
        usersNamesList.add(((User) principal).getUsername());

But before injecting session registry you need to define session management part in your spring-security.xml (look at Session Management section in Spring Security reference documentation) and in concurrency-control section you should set alias for session registry object (session-registry-alias) by which you will inject it.

    <security:http access-denied-page="/error403.jsp" use-expressions="true" auto-config="false">
        <security:session-management session-fixation-protection="migrateSession" session-authentication-error-url="/login.jsp?authFailed=true"> 
            <security:concurrency-control max-sessions="1" error-if-maximum-exceeded="true" expired-url="/login.html" session-registry-alias="sessionRegistry"/>

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Sounds like a good plan. I'll try that. Thank you dimas –  Matin Kh Jun 30 '12 at 7:13
+1 Clear and Concise –  Eddie B Feb 4 at 12:05
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