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Is there a file in codeIgniter in which I could just edit so that I can customize the form validation messages?

enter image description here

I just want to place them in a bulleted list to consume less space.

Here's the code that I'm using to output the error messages:

<div class="alert <?php echo $alert['alert_type']; ?> min-form">
        <button type="button" class="close" data-dismiss="alert">x</button>
        <h4><?php echo $alert['main_message']; ?></h4> 
        <?php echo $alert['sub_message']; ?>

Basically the $alert['sub_message'] is just getting its data from validation_errors() function from CodeIgniter which outputs the validation errors from a form.

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If not already, I'd suggest a client-side validation layer as well, so the CodeIgniter layer is only seen if they somehow still are able to submit the form. – Jared Farrish Jun 30 '12 at 5:04
Also, I'd consult the CI docs: Callbacks: Your own Validation Functions. – Jared Farrish Jun 30 '12 at 5:07
@JaredFarrish Thanks I already have client side validation using liveValidation livevalidation.com – Kyokasuigetsu Jun 30 '12 at 5:09
Have you seen the docs about custom validation? – Jared Farrish Jun 30 '12 at 5:10
yeah I found it. Just edit the $_error_prefix and $_error_suffix from Form_validation.php in the system/libraries folder. – Kyokasuigetsu Jun 30 '12 at 5:19
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You can extend the form_validation class for maximum control by creating application/libraries/MY_form_validation.php to add extra validation rules - I've attached an example below.

It is bad practice to edit system libraries directly; CI provides better options (overrides/customization thru MY_ classes, libraries, hooks, etc). This gives you the benefit of easily upgrading CI versions & keeps your application portable / custom code isolated from the core framework.

<?php if (!defined('BASEPATH')) exit('No direct script access allowed');

 * CodeIgniter Form Validation Extension
class MY_Form_validation extends CI_Form_validation {

     *  MY_Form_validation::valid_url
     * @abstract Ensures a string is a valid URL
    function valid_url($url) {
        if(preg_match("/^http(|s):\/{2}(.*)\.([a-z]){2,}(|\/)(.*)$/i", $url)) {
            if(filter_var($url, FILTER_VALIDATE_URL)) return TRUE;
        $this->CI->form_validation->set_message('valid_url', 'The %s must be a valid URL.');
        return FALSE;

     * MY_Form_validation::alpha_extra()
     * @abstract Alpha-numeric with periods, underscores, spaces and dashes
    function alpha_extra($str) {
        $this->CI->form_validation->set_message('alpha_extra', 'The %s may only contain alpha-numeric characters, spaces, periods, underscores & dashes.');
        return ( ! preg_match("/^([\.\s-a-z0-9_-])+$/i", $str)) ? FALSE : TRUE;

     * MY_Form_validation::numeric_comma()
     * @abstract Numeric and commas characters
    function numeric_comma($str) {
        $this->CI->form_validation->set_message('numeric_comma', 'The %s may only contain numeric & comma characters.');
        return ( ! preg_match("/^(\d+,)*\d+$/", $str)) ? FALSE : TRUE;

     * MY_Form_validation::matches_pattern()
     * @abstract Ensures a string matches a basic pattern
    function matches_pattern($str, $pattern) {
        if (preg_match('/^' . $pattern . '$/', $str)) return TRUE;
        $this->CI->form_validation->set_message('matches_pattern', 'The %s field does not match the required pattern.');
        return FALSE;


/* End of file MY_form_validation.php */
/* Location: ./{APPLICATION}/libraries/MY_form_validation.php */
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You can Changing the Error Delimiters in this way:

<?php echo validation_errors('<li>', '</li>'); ?>

docs: http://ellislab.com/codeigniter/user-guide/librarie/form_validation.html#errordelimiters

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You can use <?php echo form_error('field name', '<div class="error">', '</div>'); ?> for displaying errors individually.


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Take a look at system/language/english/form_validation_lang.php

I believe you can either edit it, or copy it to application/language/english/form_validation_lang.php

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Extending it is proper but editing system/ is a no-no ;) – sekati Jul 9 '12 at 3:46

You can change the delimiters from <div> to <li> by using CodeIgniter's set_error_delimiters function:

$this->form_validation->set_error_delimiters('<li>', '</li>');

You should do this immediately after loading the Form Validation class.

This will change the way validation_errors() and form_error('field_name') are displayed. So you will need to add ul or ol as follows:

echo '<ul>' . validation_errors() . '</ul>';
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In order to validate devexpress controls in the page using javascript, use the following code:



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