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Can you call a Javascript function that expects let's say five arguments, and supply let's say the first three, and the fifth, but I want the fourth argument to be absent, i.e. null or undefined. The form of this I'd like to use would be: myfunction(1,2,3,,5);

I can't figure out if the "double commas" with nothing between them can pass thru as "null" or something like that, yet the fifth argument passes without a problem.

You can call myfunction(1,2,3) and if the function expects #4 and #5 these appear as undefined or typeof undefined, just fine. It's an omitted one in the middle I'm having trouble with.

Thank you, stackoverflow fans!

P.s. myfunction(1,2,3,null,5); seems to work but that seems kind of hokey, how about just the paired commas?

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You mean default argument for 4th param if not passed?en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Default_argument –  Tamil Jun 30 '12 at 7:53

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Try it.

function foo(a, b, c) { return a + b + c; }
> 6
> SyntaxError: Unexpected token ,
> 4

So no, you can't just do the double comma.

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Unfortunately double commas are not allowed and will throw a syntax error.

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Thanks, overflowers! –  Dave Jul 1 '12 at 15:15

Instead of invoking the method, you could use apply to invoke the method. That will allow you to pass the arguments as an array and will also allow you to use the kind of syntax you want.

function foo(a, b, c, d, e) {


foo.apply(foo, [1,,,,5]);

Here a will be 1, and e will be 5. All other arguments will be undefined.

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