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While searching for an implementation of the Barnsley's Fern fractal i came across a implementation that has .pde extension which programming language uses this extension?

Implemantation Page

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This code is from Processing.org an open source Java based IDE. You can find it Processing.org. The Arduino IDE also uses this extension, although they run on a hardware board.

EDIT - And yes it is C syntax, used mostly for art or live media presentations.

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Well, it's C syntax, not based. –  Lucas Jones Jul 14 '09 at 18:50
My bad, thanks! –  kersny Jul 14 '09 at 18:53

The .pde file extension is the one used by the Processing, Wiring and the Arduino IDE.

Processing is not C based but Java based and with a syntax derived from java. It is a Java framework that can be used as a java library. It include a default IDE that use .pde extension. Just wanted to rectify @kersny answer.

Wiring is a microcontroller that use the same IDE and Arduino use a modified version, but also using .pde. The OpenProcessing page where you found it is a web site to exhibit some Processing work.

If you know Java, it should be fairly easy to convert the Processing code to Java AWT.

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Bad news I'm afraid (or maybe great news?) : it isn't C code, it's an example of "Processing" - an open source language aimed at programming images. Take a look here

Looks very cool.

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