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#=> 0

#=>"this is the content of the first line"


#=>1 # the lineno cooresponse to the next read point of IO#gets




#=>"all the content in the file"


#=>0 # the lineno still is the beginning 

#=>"" # but I can't get anyting , it seems like the read point reach to the end of the file, so the f.lineno should be 3, instead of 0

Or Is there any other way to know the next read point of IO stream


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From the Ruby IO docs, lineno doesn't tell you the position in the stream. Rather, it tells you how many times gets has been called. As the read function doesn't use gets, the lineno value doesn't change.

What you probably want is is pos, which tells you the current offset in the file in bytes. You can also set pos to jump to a different spot in the file.

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very clear answer, maybe IO#tell is the alias to IO$pos – mko Jun 30 '12 at 6:20

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