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i have implemented a UIPopover view for ipad with navigation controller inside. initially popover view's size is small and becomes bigger as i push to another view.

But when i press back button, only width reduce back to small but height remains the same. I have set view size explicitly from starboard and popover is by segue. can you pls help me!?

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In the View Controller, implement -(CGSize) contentSizeForViewInPopover, and return a CGRect of the desired size. This is what get's used at runtime to determine the size. The storyboard setting is just an archived initialization value. Documentation here also mentions a few edge cases you may need to consider (there is actually a chain of responsibility when presenting view controllers and things can start to feel complex, but it's not that bad)

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can u pls tell me in which view controller should i implement that? – abdur.rehman Jun 30 '12 at 6:31
btw that doesn't work. – abdur.rehman Jun 30 '12 at 10:04

Try subclassing UINavigationController and overriding its contentSizeForViewInPopover. This works for me :)

It seems that by default UINavigationController looks only at width of it's child view controllers. (or perhaps only grows in height?)

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