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I am a new programming in xcode and I am following a few tutorials on developing programs for iphone. I just got started and I am already lost. I am attempting to work with the built in interface builder and all of my tutorials say to click on my <.projectname>.xib to start editing, but I have no clue where to find this file. I know it used to be found in the resources folder but now that does not exist either. Please help

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As shown in the image at this point remove the tick mark in Use StoryBoards and create a project you can find xib file in your project enter image description here

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I guess, you have created new project with storyboard.

If you want to use xib, try to recreate project and uncheck "Use storyboard" mark

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Are you are using storybord or Empty Application? If so you will not see xib. Select New Project -> Application -> SingleView Application and you will see here .xib file. :)

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xib (Xcode Interface Builder) files were used in pre-iOS5 era. Concept of Storyboard was introduced in iOS 5. Earlier every UIViewController used to have an associated .xib with it but now storyboard manages all the views/screens of an application. (Multiple storyboards can be used.)

You can still use .xib approach by not selecting Use Storyboards checkbox as shown in image in one of the answers but that would be like washing your clothes with hand in washing-machine era. You may want to read more here.

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