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I am working on an MVC project and was wondering whether to use Basic Unit Test or Unit Test, I read articles / explanations about both but can't see much difference between the two. What are the main differences and which one is preferable for a large scale app with DB backend?

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The difference between Visual Studio's Basic Unit Test item template and Unit Test item template is that the latter includes support for ClassInitialize, ClassCleanup, TestInitialize and TestCleanup routines allowing you to execute some code before/after the test fixture and some code before/after each unit test. If you don't need such functionality in your unit test you could go wit the basic template which generates the following file:

public class UnitTest2
    public void TestMethod1()

Of course you could always add the corresponding routines to a basic unit test if you want to support later this functionality.

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Thanks for the explanation. – 03Usr Jun 30 '12 at 10:47

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