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I have a page with many out-of-bounds contents and since I set body{overflow:hidden}, they are not outside the viewport. So I want to attach a function to a button which would move the PoV of the browser so that the out-of-bounds contents would come into the viewport.

What I can think of now is to set body{position:relative} and use jQuery to animate() the body instead. But in terms of performance, is there a better way to achieve that?

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You can use jQuery UI $.draggable(), although the user interaction for reading content (if that's what you're doing on that site) may be a bit wonky. I would probably say look at jQuery.scrollTo(). It's animation, so you have to cache your selectors when at all possible for reuse if you expect performance. – Jared Farrish Jun 30 '12 at 9:16

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Try to set document.documentElement.scrollLeft and .scrollTop to the right amount of pixels so the viewport shows the content you want.

Note: in Firefox, you should set document.body instead. For a cross-browser solution, set them both, and one of the couples should remain 0.

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