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I create a .docx file with multi lingual content. Arabic & English. When I set font name and size to my text, I can't change font of Arabic text. Just run on english text. How can I change my below code to set font on all text. Please help me!

Word.Paragraph wordParagraph = wordDoc.Paragraphs.Add(ref objMissing);
wordParagraph.Range.Font.Name = "B Titr";
wordParagraph.Range.Font.Size = 14;
wordParagraph.Range.Text = RtbResult.Text;
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To set the font for Right-to-Left text, use the Font.NameBi property instead of Font.Name.

So, in your code above, you would write:

wordParagraph.Range.Font.NameBi = "B Titr";
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