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I would like to access the app.vent from Marionette.ItemView.

Maybe an option could be to pass a parameter (app.vent) to Marionette.ItemView from Marionette.CompositeView.

Here my code:

// view/compositeView.js
], function (Marionette, itemView) {
    var ListView = Marionette.CompositeView.extend({ 
        itemView: itemView

Any ideas?

I cannot access the app from itemView because there is a problem of circular dependency.

app -> view/compositeView -> view/itemView
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v0.9 added an itemOptions attribute that can be used for this. It can either be an object literal or a function that returns an object literal.

  itemView: MyItemViewType,

  itemViewOptions: {
    some: "option",
    goes: "here"


All of the key: "value" pairs that are returned by this attribute will be supplied to the itemview's options in teh initializer

  initialize: function(options){
    options.some; //=> "option"
    options.goes; //=> "here"

Additionally, if you need to run specific code for each itemView instance that is built, you can override the buildItemView method to provide custom creation of the item view for each object in the collection.

  buildItemView: function(item, ItemView){

    // do custom stuff here

    var view = new ItemView({
      model: item,
      // add your own options here


    // more custom code working off the view instance

    return view;

For more information, see:

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