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I am trying to make a notification application using SignalR in which only one specific user gets the notification. How do I do this using SignalR? Or is there another way to make a similar feature with any other technology?

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Yes you can. See the link here SignalR wiki - Hub

public class MyHub : Hub
     public void Send(string data)

         // Similar to above, the more verbose way
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You could broadcast a message to a particular client knowing his id:

var connection = Connection.GetConnection<MyConnection>();
connection.Broadcast(clientId, "some message to broadcast");

UPDATE Check the documentation for up to date syntax

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Hi, But i can use unique connection id? its change connectionid every time. – Bhavin Patolia Jun 30 '12 at 18:57

Looks like the API has been updated. Here is how you send a message to the calling client.

Clients.Caller.addContosoChatMessageToPage(name, message);

From Hubs API Guide

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I had a very similar problem and this is the perfect answer. Thanks! (I should note that I was using SignalR 2.0.) – Aron Boyette Dec 4 '13 at 20:54

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