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I am trying to implement a remote file system and was thinking of using the libsmbclient to do that. Unfortunately, I have not come across any useful documentation when googleling for it. Could anyone advice me where the API of the libsmbclient is described in some detail?

Many thanks

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You can download the documentation from this link:

It has been created using doxygen.

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What, man 7 libsmbclient isn't enough? :)

Samba's has Doxygen API documentation, but it looks like the automated document generation and publishing on is broken. If you grab the sources yourself, you can run doxygen source/Doxyfile to generate a local copy of the documentation, outputting to dox/.

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Your link to man page is useless (at least currently). It describes only smb:// url parts. It doesn't contain any API info. – Konstantin Gribov Jan 4 at 2:48
@KonstantinGribov, it's called sarcasm... surprised you haven't seen it more often to recognize it. – Ioan Jan 22 at 15:52
@Ioan, it seems to me that doxygen generated "documentation" is called documentation without sarcasm in both answers above. As a matter of fact doxygen documentation lacks descriptions for some methods from libsmbclient.h. So, the only way to understand how it work is to download samba source and take a look into source3/libsmb/ (as of 4.3.x). Also examples are worth looking through them at least. – Konstantin Gribov Jan 23 at 22:40
@KonstantinGribov, lol, the sarcasm was the first line in this answer. The manpage is very short and practically useless; hence the sarcasm in it "not being enough"... It has nothing to do with the doxygen documentation, which is commonly used to document libraries. – Ioan Jan 25 at 13:08
@Ioan, I mean, doxygen for libsmbclient (not doxygen itself) is not very usefull too. It contains a lot of copy-pasted comments, some crucial things aren't mentioned, so real documentation is library source and its examples. – Konstantin Gribov Jan 25 at 13:28

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