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so I figured I'm making just a stupid mistake here. In the first of what will be many controls, I need to either show a balloon tooltip when a bool is true or not show them when the bool is false. I know that ShowAlways is not what I need to modify and I've tried various solutions already. Does anyone spot the problem? The bool is set by a checked dropdown item in a Help Menu Strip Item.

It will open with the application with the correct display, but as soon as I check that option to show it, it always shows there after.

public void changeBalloonProperties(bool boolSet)
            ToolTip helpDeskInfoButtonToolTip = new ToolTip();
            if (boolSet)
                helpDeskInfoButtonToolTip.ToolTipTitle = "HelpDesk Information Button";
                helpDeskInfoButtonToolTip.UseFading = true;
                helpDeskInfoButtonToolTip.UseAnimation = true;
                helpDeskInfoButtonToolTip.IsBalloon = true;
                helpDeskInfoButtonToolTip.ShowAlways = true;
                helpDeskInfoButtonToolTip.AutoPopDelay = 5000;
                helpDeskInfoButtonToolTip.InitialDelay = 1000;
                helpDeskInfoButtonToolTip.ReshowDelay = 500;
                helpDeskInfoButtonToolTip.SetToolTip(helpDeskButton, "Click to launch HelpDesk user info page in default browser.");
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You are creating a new ToolTip instance each time the changeBalloonProperties is called so the code isn't removing the caption associated with the original ToolTip that was used with the helpDeskButton. Try moving the ToolTip declaration outside of your changeBalloonProperties method so the same ToolTip object is used with RemoveAll().

Also note you can use that same ToolTip object to add captions for multiple controls (as shown in the sample here) and it's probably better to set helpDeskInfoButtonToolTip.Active = false to disable them all at once instead of setting and removing the captions (and other properties) each time you toggle.

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