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In slow 3G connections my app that plays live audio streamed from the Internet, using the AVPlayer class, keeps pausing all the time while buffering.

It's strange, because I play also files that are not live streamed, but rather saved audio files on a web server, and it doesn't pauses the audio during the playback.

I couldn't find any way to increase the buffer size searching on AVPlayer Apple's documentation.

Does anyone know of a way to solve this problem, to increase the buffer size, thus avoiding the pause when the audio is playing?


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I solved this buffering problem in a very simply way, by delaying the play method to be executed, giving more time for the buffer to be filled up and then start playing the audio, like so:

[self performSelector:@selector(play:) withObject:nil afterDelay:10.0];

I hope this helps someone.

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