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I'm trying to run a script every minute with "SINC is not CRON". I've used the following crontab line

* * * * * ruby -X D:/xampp/htdocs/maker ./do.rb

and now every minute I get a new cmd window. How can I force Ruby or SINC to invoke these as background processes?

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From this link:

"In these cases, you'll want to use rubyw.exe. It is the same as ruby.exe except that it does not provide standard in, standard out, or standard error, and does not launch a DOS shell when run."

I'm not familiar with SINC, but something like this should work:

* * * * * rubyw -X D:/xampp/htdocs/maker ./do.rb


* * * * * rubyw.exe -X D:/xampp/htdocs/maker ./do.rb

FWIW this is similar to Python where you would use pythonw.exe.

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Thanks. It seems to work, a little odd though - can't find it in the process list – Fluffy Jul 14 '09 at 20:05

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