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I have a object tree like this:


I want to make them all transient but calling detach on Foo only detaches Foo. I also do not want to clear the session because there may be other things in the session that need to remain.

Is there a way to do with without spidering all over the tree? Or is there a way in the original query that loaded Foo to say that none of the objects returned should be attached?

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Hiberante's detach method does just this:

public void detach(Object entity) {
    try {
        getSession().evict( entity );
    catch ( HibernateException he ) {
        throw convert( he );

Its more or less like: you already have the object, so, lets just evict it from the session letting it detached. What you could do is cascade EVICT on this property, so when Foo is evicted Bar is evicted too and so does Baz. In order to avoid LazyInitializationException you need to warranty they are all loaded (maybe FetchType EAGER?)

For 3.5 you have the CascadeType DETACH, that could be used for this purpose: http://docs.jboss.org/hibernate/orm/3.5/api/org/hibernate/annotations/CascadeType.html

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